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For Clinicians 

  1. The easiest way to schedule visits as a clinician is to click the Manage Schedule shortcut on the home screen.  This takes you to the Clinician's calendar. 

  2. From here you can schedule visits for patients that you have been listed in User Assignments. Click green Add Activity button.  Visits will show in different colors and symbols depending on the discipline and status. 

  3. The visit screen opens up, select the visit date/s and fill in the form.

    1DatesClick the dates that you want to schedule. You can multiple select by clicking on each date.
    2Visit type Select the visit note type e.g. Nursing Visit Note
    3Patient Select the patient from the list or type their name to find them.
    4Discipline Select the discipline doing the visit, the list will show disciplines that you are assigned.
    5Visit Notes General notes about the visit e.g. weigh in due
    6SubmitClick Submit to save the visit

  4. You will be taken back to the Calendar.  

    Visit Symbols:
      Pencil - visit note is in progress
      Triangle - Visit is due today or overdue. Click on the Visit then the pencil icon to and the
         visit note will open up for you to start documenting. 
    Hovering your mouse over the visit will also show a popup of the visit status'

    Note: if the clinician has more than one discipline that is assigned they may see additional visit colors

Visit Notes tied to Visits

By choosing the Visit Type when adding a visit, you are tying a Visit note to that visit.   A user can easily start their visit note by clicking on the visit then the pencil icon.  Click the teal View Patient button to review the Patient's chart, which will open the Patient Dashboard in a new window.

The visit note can be started but does not have to be completed at that time, click Exit at the bottom and progress will be saved. 

On the calendar, an In Progress visit with have a pencil icon. Click on the icon to continue editing the visit note (or the visit not can be access from the Manage Documents shortcut on the homescreen).

Once a visit note has been completed and signed it will turn light green and move to appropriate time slot below. 

By clicking on a completed visit will open up the completed documentation.  A visit memo can still be added if necessary. 

Conflicting Visit Times

If a User creates a Visit Note and the time entered is the same as an existing completed visit, an error message will show = "User is not available during the times set".  This can be fixed by changing the visit time on the visit that has the incorrect time.

Visits Notes from Patient Dashboard

If a Visit Note is created from Patient Dashboard > Things You Can Do > New Documentation, when the visit note is previewed there will be a message above the Sign button indicating that a visit will be created. This will occur once the document is signed. 

If there is an existing visit on the schedule that matches the date and Visit Note Type, the system will recognize the match and provide a button to link the note to the existing calendar visit. 

If the user chooses not to link the visit there will be two visits on the calendar for that day, one of which is potentially a duplicate which would need to be manually deleted.

For Office Scheduler

For the Scheduler who is scheduling out visits to multiple patients and clinicians or rescheduling, the Hospice Calendar makes it easy. 

  1. From the Menu, click Hospice > Hospice Calendar

  2. The Hospice Calendar will open showing all the visits the hospice has scheduled. There are colors and symbols for discipline and status.

  3. Add visits using using the green Schedule Visit button. The input form has the additional field of User to select the clinician. The Patient's chart can be reviewed by clicking the View Patient button (this will show once the patient has been selected)

Tip: If you have a changing schedule where staff often substitute for one another you may want to create the visit without assigning a clinician. That way any clinician can do the visit without the potential of creating duplicate visits on the calendar. The clinician could be added once you know who will be doing the visit or the clinician can go to the Patient Dashboard > Schedule and add themselves to the visit.

Hospice Calendar Filters

Schedulers can narrow the visits that show on the calendar by clicking on the green Filter icon. 

Now you can select to filter by Status, Patient, Discipline and User. These filters can be combined e.g. All Aide visits for a patient.  Schedulers may find it particularly helpful to filter by Status for overdue and missed visits. 

From Patient's Dashboard

  1. Click the MRN link for a patient (from the home screen or Patients menu)

  2. On the Patient's Dashboard click the Schedule Tab

  3. Now proceed as normal to schedule visits

Delete Visits

  1. Click the red Delete Scheduled Visits button

  2. Click on the visits to be deleted

  3. Click red Confirm Removalbutton

Missed Visits

  1. To mark a visit as missed, click on an overdue visit
  2. Check the box This visit was missed
  3. Select a reason, click Submit
  4. The missed visit will show in a Salmon color and a popup will indicate the status upon mouse over

  5. If visit was incorrectly marked as missed it can be rescheduled to today or a future date by clicking on the visit and select reschedule. It cannot be rescheduled to the past.

Scheduling Reports

Schedulers can run reports to assist with their role. 

  • Days without Nursing Visits - shows gaps in nursing visits
  • Scheduled Visits Report - shows the status of scheduled visits, can be filtered by role and status
  • Visits - shows time, mileage, has view button and edit time button

Scheduling Non-Patient Activity

Activities that are not related to patient visits can be scheduled. The activity is selected from a list.

  • Bereavement
  • Case Management
  • Company Meeting
  • IDG Meeting
  • Jury Duty
  • Lab Drop Off/Pick Up
  • Lunch
  • Mentoring
  • Off site meeting
  • Office time
  • On call shift
  • Orientation
  • Other
  • PTO
  • Paid covid leave
  • Parental time
  • Supplies pick up /drop off
  • Training

Clinician - from the Manage Schedule shortcut, click Add Activity then select Non-Patient Activity 

Scheduler - from the Hospice Calendar, clicked the Hospice Events tab

Click Add event

Select the user/s, add an event title, add description (if desired), click Add button

The selected users will receive a text message alert that they have been added to an event.