Here are the steps to add a new user to HospiceWorks (or )

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  1. Users are added from the Administration menu > Users

  2. Click New Invitation to start setting up a new user
    • View Open Invitations lists users who have been invited but have not registered yet.

  3. The New User form will open up. Complete all the fields.

  4. The user will receive an email where they will need to enter their information. 

    • If they did not receive the invitation have them check Spam/Junk. 
    • The invitation can be resent from the View Open Invitations button at the top of the Users screen

  5. The User clicks on the link in the email to open the Registration form.

  6.  The user completes the form to Register. 

  7. You (Administrator) will receive an email letting you know the user has registered and that you need to Approve them.

  8. Go to Administration > Users and click on the Pending tab. Click Edit next to the User.

  9. Complete the sections in the User approval form (all the * items must be completed)
    • Enter a username (this will be included in the confirmation email sent to the user)
    • Add a Primary role and any additional roles
    • Check the SMS notification box so the user receives texts when a message has been sent to them
    • Set two-factor authentication to be enabled

  10. Approve the User on the next screen

  11. The user will receive an email that their registration is approved.