Follow these steps to enter a new admission. 

  1. From the HospiceWorks main menu click Referral

  2. Click the green Create Referral button

  3. Enter the patient's details into each section of the form by clicking the + to expand each section.  The *items are required.

    Referral Information 

    Referral Source Self

    If the referral source is family, enter the required fields - relationship, name and contact info e.g. phone, email 

    If the referral source is Provider this can be tracked via the Referral report. The list of Providers is maintained from Administration > Care Providers > Referral Source

    Patient Information - Important: Enter Required Fields otherwise you will get an error when you do select Preview

    Clinical Information - Important: Enter a Primary Diagnosis otherwise you will get an error when you select Preview

    Contacts - Enter a contact if you have that information, it is not required

  4. Now the patient will be listed on the Referrals screen under Active.
    The Queue Tasks tab has the list of items that need to be completed with the final task being Admit Patient. Some tasks are grayed out until you complete the one before. You can also click the Edit Referral button to make changes to the patient information at any time. 
    • Task 1 - Review Eligibility: Request eligibility information, ensure the referral meets the required criteria, enter your notes and complete the task.
    • Task 2 - Start Pre-Care: Begin the pre-care process.

  5. Reviewing Eligibility when you click this task you will be be able to check eligibility with the button at the top. The system will auto-populate the information in the Subscriber and Benefits tabs and the user can add notes.

  6. Start Pre-Care: This is a intermediate stage between referral creation and admission. When a patient is in this state you'll be able to:
  • Plan any necessary visits in advance before admission takes place.
  • Start or complete Hospice Criteria Review document. This document will also be available from the patient dashboard once admitted.
  • Upload any necessary records for new patients before admission.

Patients are Admitted through Pre-Care, click on the Care Levels in the Patient Navigation


Admit or Cancel Pre Care

  • Admit Patient: Ready to proceed? Simply hit the "Admit Patient" button under the "Care Levels" tab to finalize admission details.
  • Cancel Admission: If admission isn't happening, cancel the process with the "Cancel Admission" button, also available under the "Care Levels" tab. For these cases, patients will be moved to the "Cancelled Referrals" list under the Referral section.

A confirmation screen will appear as final check of the Care Level and Admission date.

You will now be taken to the Patient Dashboard with a task list based on the Level of Care.

The Patient will also be visible and searchable in active patients in the Patients menu of HospiceWorks.