The Patient Dashboard provides easy access to all the patient's chart information and activities that need to be taken. 

Access the Patient Dashboard by clicking the MRN number link wherever you see it in HospiceWorks,  such as from the Assigned Patients list, or Patient menu. 

Patient Dashboard 

1BreadcrumbsShows you where you are in the dashboard. Click the Patient's name to get back to the main dashboard screen.
2Care InformationShows current care level, and start date, Benefit period
3Shortcut iconsBed - Patient information Overview
Contact - Send a message to a clinician or office staff regarding the patient
Heads - Care Team Assignments
4Diagnosis and AllergiesPrimary diagnosis and Allergies
5Things you can do menuSelect documents and various activities for patient
6Dashboard sectionsProfile - Vital sign, Pain, Wounds and Coordination of care graphs and history

Information - Patient demographic information, Edit patient information

Plan of Care - Printable summary, Care Plans history, Assignments

Documentation - Signed documents, Add attachments, Private (docs you are editing), Supervised Docs

Care Levels - LOC history

Medications - Current and historical medications, Refills list

DME/Supplies - Current and historical DME and supplies

Communication - all messages

Schedule - Patient's calendar
7Automated Task ListShows completed and outstanding tasks that the system generates based on business intelligence algorithm
8AlertsSystem and Custom Alerts
9User ActivityList of documents created with links to them

Patient Dashboard Sections

The following show each of the various sections

Jump To:


Profile > Vital Signs

Profile > Pain

Profile > Wounds

Profile > Weight

Profile > Coordination of Care


Information > Patient

Click Fix to edit the Patient information. 

Information > Clinical

Information > Financial

Click Add for additional Payers and other buttons to edit existing or remove a payer.

Information > Contacts

Information > Referral

Information > Admission

Plan of Care

Plan of Care > POC Summary

This section provides a Comprehensive Plan of Care showing all the current care plans and any changes that have been made.

Plan of Care > Care Plans

Plan of Care > Care Plans History

Plan of Care > Hospice Assignments

Plan of Care > Aide Assignments

Plan of Care > Volunteer Assignments


Documentation > Public

Documentation > Uploads

Upload patient attachments to their chart.

Documentation > Private

Documents you are working on are here where only the user can access. 

Care Levels




Create and View internal messages pertaining to the patient care


View the Patient's calendar and schedule or delete visits. Link visit documentation to a visit.