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Create Bereavement Contact

Bereavement Contacts are created from the main menu - Hospice > Bereavement. Click New Profile.

Complete the form. You can select whether the contact is Community or related to a Hospice patient in which case you will select the Patient further down the form.  

Once you save you will have 3 tabs available: 

  • Profile tab - you can edit the information you just entered. 
  • Plan of Care - create a Care Plan
  • Documentation - create a bereavement risk assessment or Coordination of Care note

Create Bereavement Plan of Care

  1. Click the Plan of Care Tab then Open button
  2. Click one of the Care Plan options and click Submit. 
  3. The Plan of care will now be populated. Click the Edit button to make any adjustments.

Create a Bereavement Risk Assessment

Click the Documentation tab > New Bereavement Risk Assessment

Create a Coordination of Care Note

Click the Documentation tabNew Coordination of Care. Complete the form.