A Physician Order is created from the Patient Dashboard > Things you can do > Create New Documentation.

See video - Video: Physician Order

There are seven categories in the Physician Order that you can select, none are compulsory.  

MedicationsAdd, Update or Remove
AssignmentsSet the Disciplines and frequency. This must be done before you can assign a clinician to the patient.
DiagnosesAdd, Edit, Remove
TreatmentsAdd, Edit, Remove
DMEAdd, Edit, Remove
SuppliesAdd, Edit, Remove
Change Care Level or LocationEdit the care level and add an Intervention to a current Care Plan
Care PlansAdd, Edit, Remove

Create Physician Order

  1. Click an MRN number of the patient to get to the Patient Dashboard

  2. Click Things you can do > Create New Documentation > Physician Order. Select.
    The red X at the bottom indicates some errors on the form. A green check indicates all is good. 

  3. Enter information about the order. 
    As you go through the order you will toggle the button on the right to gain access to the sections you want to edit. 

  4. Medications
    Added medications show in the New Medications sections.
    Medications Discontinued in this order are indicated. Click the x to reinstate.

    Any changes to Medications will require the signature of the person that read the order back in addition to the person creating the Physician Order. 

  5. Assignments

  6. Diagnosis
    New diagnoses are listed at the bottom and indicated by a green New flag.

  7. Treatments

  8. DME

  9. Supplies

  10. Change Care Level or Location

  11. Care Plans

  12. Click Preview when you have finished. 

  13. Click the orange Ready to Review.  Enter a comment in the box that opens. 

  14. Click Ready to Sign. Click Submit.

    If there have been any Medication changes the order will have to be signed by the person listed as Read back.


    The other signer will see the order with Ready to sign when they go to the Patient Dashboard > Documents > Public. Click View and they will be able to sign.

    Now the physician will be able to sign

  15. The Physician can sign the order by logging into HospiceWorks or you can print it or fax directly from HospiceWorks.