The Hospice Menu contains items pertinent to the whole Hospice as opposed to individual patients. 

See below for screenshots of each section of the Hospice Menu.

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Hospice Overview

This provides, an at-a-glance overview of the Hospice data. 

Hospice Item Set

Click the Admissions, Discharges or Modifications headings to see a detailed report with patient's data. 

Hospice Calendar

Schedule Visits - View all the visits scheduled for patients. You can also add and delete visits from here. 

Hospice Events - this provides an agency calendar for non-patient activity such as company events and staff PTO.  

Learn more about the Hospice Calendar.

Dynamic Views

This provides easy access to key reports that can be filtered and exported. 


Run reports about numerous areas important to the running of the agency. 


View and create, Bereavement contacts, bereavement assessments and care plans for the Hospice and Community. 

Learn more about this Bereavement section.