Custom Medications section is where you can create Medication Kits and Medication Templates.  A user must have a role with permissions to access this area. 

  • Custom Medications are medications made up of other medications (compound). 

  • Medication Templates are lists of medications that you can easily import into an order via Medications > Import Template.

The option is located from the main menu, click Administration > Custom Medications.

Create Custom Medication or Medication Template

This is where you can create a compound medication that is comprised of other medications. 

  1. New Custom Medication or Medication Template

    • Check the "Enabled" box
    • Enter a name for the Custom Medication
    • Select each medication component and Add
    • Save

  2. Edit or View Existing custom medication - you will be taken back to the same screen as above.
  3. Discontinue a medication by clicking Edit > uncheck Enabled box. 

Use Custom Medication or Medication Template

Use Custom Medication

In a Physician Order click Add medication

Enter the name of the custom medication and complete the rest of the form. 

Use Medication Template

Click the Arrow and Select Import Template

Select the Medication Template

The individual medications in the template will be listed. Click Submit to add them