In HopsiceWorks you can designate a supervisor for a user which will allow you to see their Private documents. If edits are needed a note can be created and the document is indicated as needing edits when the user views their private documents. 

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Set Up a Supervised User

Before you can use this feature, a user must be indicated as Supervised and the Supervisor assigned. 

  1.  On the Main menu go to Administration

  2. Click Edit next to the User (can also use the search box to find a user)

  3. Check the Supervise box and select a Supervisor. Click Update User when done.  More than one Supervisor can be selected.

View User's Private Documents

Private documents are those that are in draft or waiting for Supervisory approval.  There are two ways to view documents of a user that you supervise: 

  • Home Page > Manage Documents
  • Patient Dashboard > Documents > Supervised Documents

From Manage Documents

You can also view documents you supervise from the Home screen > Manage Documents. 

Click the 1) Supervised Documents tab > 2) Enter a date range > 3) Generate button. 

4) Use the filter to narrow down your view.

From Patient Dashboard

  1. Go to the Patient's dashboard
  2. Click the Documentation tab > Supervised Documents tab. You see documents that are in the User's Private tab. 

Review Document

  1. Click View to look at the document. At the bottom you can select Ready to Review

  2. Your review notes will show and the document can be edited by clicking the Edit button.

    How review note shows as a Supervisor:How Review note shows to User:

  3. The document will now be in the Public tab.

  4. To delete the document, the Supervisor selects, Needs Corrections which will put the document back in Private mode where the User will see the Remove button. 

Mark Document as Needing Corrections

Click the View button next to the document.

Click Needs Correction button.

Enter information about the corrections needed in the box that pops up

Now the document will be listed as Needs Correction. 

The user will see this listed when they go to their own Manage Documents.

They will click the View button and see your corrections note at the bottom.