Dynamic Views provides interactive information for key areas. 

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Unsigned Physician Orders

  • Search - by Patient name, Nurse or Physician
  • MRN - click to go to the Patient dashboard
  • View - click to see the unsigned Order


This view shows upcoming certifications and the status of the documentation. 

  • Search - by MRN, Patient name, Type, Status
  • Sort - click a column to sort by it
  • MRN - click to go to the Patient Dashboard
  • View - Click to see the document

Under Status:

  • In-progress indicates that the document is incomplete and will be in the Private section of the Patient's Dashboard > Documents.  
  • Public indicates the document has been completed and is ready to be signed by the MDs. 

Face to Face Visit

This report shows Face to Face visits that are due. Click orange View button to go to the patient dashboard.

Documents Pending Review

This report shows documents that are ready to be reviewed by a Supervisor. These are for users that are indicated as Supervised in their profile. More information about Supervised Users.

Click the orange View button to go directly to the document. 

Census Dynamic View

This report provides a detailed census. 

Click the MRN to go to the Patient Dashboard.

Print button for a summary report.

Use the green filter icon to search by MRN or Level of Care.

Pain Quality Measure

This report shows patients who need to be followed up due to pain followup indication in a visit.

Click the orange View button to go to the assessment. The pain followup is in the Pain Assessment section. 

Click the green Complete button in the Dynamic view to add a note.