The Billing functions are located from the Billing menu.

Click any of the NOE sections to go into the Notice of Election details screen.  The sections correspond to the Billing Overview screen tabs.


Search by MRN, First or Lastname

2Click the MRN to go to the Patient's Dashboard
3The patient will populate here as soon as they are admitted
4# of Days to meet the 5-day Submission deadline
5Click View to enter the View Claim screen

Jump To:

View Claim Screen

Review the Claim, If corrections are needed, click Edit at the bottom of the screen and the editable fields will be available.


Under Service Lines click Edit or New buttons to make changes.

Submit NOE

When you are ready to submit the NOE, click the 3 dot menu at the top right.

Click Change Status > Submitted

The Claim will be moved to the Submitted section. 

Mark Claims Accepted

From the Billing Overview screen click Submitted.

This will take you to the Accepted section where you can search for the claim you want to update and click the orange View button

Click the 3 dot menu > Change Status > Accepted.

Record Received Payments

Payment information can be entered on the Payments Tab. 

Click the payment line to enter the remaining details.

Add Claim Comments 

Comments about the claim can be added from the Comments Tab. 

The comment can be edited by the creator (other users cannot edit) but it cannot be deleted.

Upload Claim Documentation

Documents can be uploaded to the claim from the Documentation Tab.

Uploaded documents can be viewed, updated or removed from the grid below.