This article details how to create an initial CTI, access subsequent Certifications and complete the form. 

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Creating a CTI for New Patient

When a new patient is admitted one of the tasks on the Patient Dashboard is Complete Initial Certification.

The task is a hyperlink so you can click on it to go the Certifications section.

This takes you to the Benefit Certification screen. For a new patient there will not be any thing listed. Click the Set Initial Benefit Period button to enter the BP number that the patient is currently in. 

The CTI will now be visible.

From now on the CTIs will be generated automatically 30 days before the benefit period ends. 


The list of completed and upcoming CTIs is accessed from Patient Dashboard > Things You can Do > Manage Certifications. 

CTI Alerts and Required Documents

The Patient Dashboard will automatically show alerts for upcoming and overdue CTIs and if a Face to Face is required. 


One or more of following documents must be completed before the a CTI can be signed

  • Initial Nursing Assessment
  • Nursing Assessment Update
  • Physician Order
  • Face to Face

When you click View on the CTI at the bottom of the screen it will list any Missing items.


Completing a CTI Form

Click Edit next to the CTI line item to complete the form.


Enter the required information in the editable fields. 

The system will pull the Prognosis information from the Initial Nursing Assessment if that option has been selected in the Initial Nursing Assessment document

CTI Form

The Diagnoses can be edited, added and removed by clicking the + next the Diagnoses section.

Once all the information has been entered, click Preview.  Scroll to the bottom of the screen to see if there are any warnings of incomplete items.

Click Edit if needed or Ready for Review. 

Click Ready to Sign


The Medical Director can view Certifications ready for signing by logging into HospiceWorks and click Manage Documents on the home screen.

Click view next to the CTI that is ready to sign.

Scroll to the bottom and click Sign in the appropriate place. 

Once signed the CTI will be View only on the Patient's Dashboard > Things You Can Do > Manage Certifications.

Review Unsigned CTIs

The agency can review all unsigned CTIs from Hospice > Dynamic Views > Certifications.

  • A specific patient can be found by typing their name in the search bar. 
  • Click View button to see the CTI
  • Click the MRN link to go to the patient's dashboard

Certification Report

Hospice > Reports > Certification Report

  • Enter the date range for the Benefit Period
  • Click View button to see the CTI
  • Click the MRN link to go to the patient's dashboard
  • Click the blue down arrow to export the report to CSV for further analysis