There are two locations where you can do a Bereavement Risk Assessment after the patient has died. 

From Patient Dashboard > Create New Documentation

To create Post-death BRA there must be an existing BRA for the contact see Create a Pre-Death BRA 

  1. On the Patient's dashboard, click Things you can do > Create New Documentation > Bereavement Assessment Post Death. Click green Select button. 

  2. Complete the form. If the contact you want to do the assessment for is not listed at the bottom it is because they did not have a pre-death BRA done. 

  3. Click on a name to expand it and complete the form

  4. Click Preview button, then Ready to Sign.

From Hospice > Bereavement

  1. On the main menu click Hospice > Bereavement

  2. Click New Profile

  3. Complete the form for the contact. Note the following fields are required:
    • Type - Hospice or Community
    • First Name, Last Name
    • Phone
    • Relationship
    • Patient - select the deceased patient

  4. Now you will be on the Contact's screen with 2 more tabs available.  

  5. Click on Documentation > New Bereavement Risk Assessment 

  6. Complete the sections of the Bereavement Risk Assessment form. Note you will need to reenter the contact's name, phone and relationship to deceased. 

  7. Once complete the BRA will be listed under Documentation tab