Follow these instructions to create a wound, wound care plan and document on it. 

  1. From the Patient Dashboard select Things you can do > Create New Documentation

  2. Type in "Wound" to bring up the Wound and Skin Assessment/Treatment and click Select.

  3. Now the form will open to document the wound. 
    Enter the visit information at the top.

  4. Click on the diagram to indicate the location of the wound and the Add Wound form will open. Enter all the information.  Repeat for all wounds.

    Now you will see the wounds listed and indicated on the diagram.

  5. You can create or update a care plan by clicking the link to open a Physician Order


Wound Report

You can run a report to show all patients with wounds.  This is found on the Hospice menu > Reports > Wound Tracking Report

  1. Enter the date to show wounds for

  2. Click the green funnel to change from the default filter of Hospice to Palliative

  3. Click Generate to view the report results

  4. Click View to see the Patient's wound record