This document shows you the features for managing IDGs in HospiceWorks. 

IDG is managed from Patient Dashboard > Things you can do > IDG/IDT.

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Now you will be at the IDG section and it will show all previously completed IDGs. 

Create IDG Meeting Note

  1. Go to the Patient's IDG section and click Create IDG

  2. Enter the Meeting Date in the Effective Date box and click Submit.

  3. The meeting note has now been created and with the status "In-progress". You can click Edit to start documenting. 

  4. Now you will be in the note.
    • You can change the Effective Date if needed
    • Demographics, POC Summary, Assignments, Hospice POC, Medication Profile information will all be pulled in from the medical records automatically.

  5. You can exit the note until you are ready for the meeting. 

IDG Meeting 

  1. Open the In-Progress note

  2. One person can be assigned to enter notes in the Medication Summary, Current Comprehensive Views and Plan Moving Forward boxes or individuals can pull up the IDG note themselves and add their notes one at a time. When you refresh the page the new notes will appear. Click the Medication Attestion box. 

  3. Click Preview to review the whole note. Click Edit if you need to make any changes. At the bottom of the note click the green Ready to Sign button. 

  4. Select the team members who attended the meeting and any additional persons such as the Scribe.  

Sign IDG Notes

  1. Team members can go to their Manage Documents shortcut on the home screen, search IDG and all notes that are ready to sign will be listed. 

  2.  Click the orange View button. The signature section is at the bottom. Click Sign and your electronic signature will be applied.

IDG Report

You can run the IDG Listing report in preparation for your meeting to view existing IDG meeting notes or start a new IDG note that is due.