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Patient Reports


This report generates the list of bereavement contacts for a date range (of the deceased)

Bereavement Weekly Follow Up

This report is similar to the Bereavement report but the View button takes you to the Bereavement contact's information where you can do edit the Plan of Care,   Bereavement Risk Assessment and Coordination of Care note. If Print button is there a Bereavement letter is due. 

Covid Screening

Incidents Report

This report displays client incidents with a direct link to the detailed from from the View button. 

Pain Quality Measure Report

Patient Allergies

Patient Demographics

Physician Orders


This report provides information on referrals including Referral Source. Export the report to do further analysis. 

Wound Tracking

Auditing Reports

Admissions Report

Census - Daily

Census - Length of Stay

Census - Unduplicated


Continuous Care (CC) Report

Days without Nursing Visits


Hospice Care Levels Report

Supplies Report

Billing Reports

AR Adjustments Report

View Claims status. Click View to see full details of the claim. 

Aging Report

Billing and Adjustments Report


Click the green Filter button and select Date type and Status.


Filter for Claim status, and date type. ClickView to see claim details and View Errors button. 

Payment Remittance

View status of charges and remittances. View the claim details. 

Service Intensity Add On (SIA) Tracking Report

QAPI Reports

Census - Unduplicated

Consent Report

Days without Nursing Visits


Frequency Report

IDG Listings

Run this report to view and create IDG Meeting notes. See more details here.



On Call Visit Report

Staff Licensing Report

Visit Reports

Face to Face

On Call Visit Report

Scheduled Visits Report


This report generates a list of visits for a date range. View and edit visit times. Filter by discipline.