The Administration menu is where you set up various tables used in HospiceWorks.  Access to this option is limited depending on permissions in User Roles.

HospiceYour Hospice agency information including the counties covered
UsersSet up users
Bereaved Letters
Create and Edit Bereavement letters
Custom MedicationsCreate custom medications and Medication templates (e.g. Comfort Kit)
DME and SuppliesManage supplies and DME
User RolesManage User roles (these include permissions for access to HospiceWorks sections)
Care ProvidersManage Facilities, Physicians, Referral Sources, Pharmacies, DME providers and Funeral homes
PayersManage Payor sources
Hospice Care PlansManage Care Plan Templates
Visit TypesManage visit types
Audit Login LogView user login activity
Audit LogsNot active