This is where you can create new Hospice Care Plan templates and maintain the items that are available to select on the Hospice Care Plans, Care Plan Item Reasons and Hospice Bereavement Care Plans. When you create a Hospice Care Plan it will be available in visit notes.

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Hospice Care Plans

Hospice Care Plans when doing a nursing assessment

Corresponding Items in Administration > Hospice Care Plans

Care Plan Item Reasons

These are the selections when updating care plan actions in a visit documentation. 

Where the reasons show in the Care Plan of a visit note

Hospice Bereavement Care Plans

These are the available plans for a Bereavement Contact. 

Where Bereavement care plans are selected in Hospice > Bereavement

Create a Custom Hospice Care Plan

Care Plans that appear in the individual sections of a visit can be edited but new ones cannot be added. However, you can create custom care plans for your agency which will be shown in the Care Plans section of the visit note. 

  1. Under the Hospice Care Plans or Hospice Bereavement Care Plans tab, click Create New button.

  2.  The Care Plan template will open for you to populate the sections:
    (1) Check box to enable the Care Plan so it is available in visits

    (2) Name your care plan

    (3) Select the visit disciplines that the care plan will be available in (can select more than one):
    • Clinical - Initial Nursing Assessment, Nursing Assessment Update, Nursing Visit Note, SOAP Visit Note
    • Social - Psychosocial Assessment and Social Services Assessment Update
    • HPoC - not used
    • Aide - Hospice Aide Assessment
    • Volunteer - Volunteer Assessment

  3. Create the templates by entering the Goals, Interventions and Problems/Issues
  4. Save the Care Plan. The Care Plan is now available to be selected in a Physician Order

  5. Once the Order is signed it will be available in the applicable assessment or visit notes.  Custom Care Plan show in the Care Plans section at the bottom of the visit note