The Nursing Visit Note is for regular visits. It is available from the Patient Dashboard > Things You can Do > Create New Documentationor start the note from the visit on the Calendar.

1Enter Visit information

2If the system recognizes that the same visit type is on the patient's calendar it will indicate to link the visit. If there was not a visit on the schedule it will create one.
3Enter your summary
Expand each section and complete. Within many sections you can create care plans by clicking the physician order link.
  • Supervision - this is where you can indicate supervisory visits of one or more clinicians
  • Care Plans - this is where you can create Care Plans that are not covered in one of the above sections

The visit note can be started and completed later. This draft will be in the Private section of the Documents on the Patient's Dashboard or from Manage Documents on the home screen. If the clinician has a supervisor the draft document can be viewed by them.