Care Plans are created and updated in a Physician Order. There is Physician Order link in many types of documents:, which will open the PO in a new tab:

  • Initial Nursing Assessment
  • Physician Order
  • Hospice Plan of Care
  • Nursing Visit Note
  • Nursing Assessment Update
  • Psychosocial Assessment
  • Social Services Update
  • Spiritual Assessment
  • Spiritual Assessment Update
  • Volunteer Services

All the patient's care plans can be viewed from the Patient Dashboard > Plan of Care > Care Plans 

The information below provides the general pattern of how you create and update Care Plans.

Creating a Care Plan

  1. In a Physician Order, toggle on the Care Plans section > Add care plan

  2. Select a Care Plan from the Dropdown > Submit

  3. Click Edit

  4. Select options for each section from the dropdowns > click the green Add button to save them to the care plan > Save

  5. Click Edit again if you need to make any changes

Editing Care Plans

After the initial Care Plans have been established, they can be updated from a Physician Order.

Update Care Plan from a Visit Note

  1. In the visit documentation you will see a link to Create a Physician Order in the assessment sections. This will open the PO in a new tab. As you go through the note the PO tab will remain open and if you click the link again it will take you to the same PO with your changes saved.

  2. Toggle on the the Care Plans section and you will see the existing Care Plans. Click Add care plan or Edit an existing Care plan.

  3. In Edit mode, use the dropdown to select items and the red Remove button to delete items > Submit to save.