The Volunteer process consists of the following documents and report:

Volunteer Care Plan

All Care Plans are created and edited by Physician Order

See the Care Plans article for general details. 

The standard Volunteer Services Care Plan has the following items that can be selected:

Edit Volunteer Care Plan items

Items can be added or removed from the care plan to suit your agency's needs from Administration > Hospice Care Plans > search for the volunteer care plan > click Edit > Add Item or Remove button. Click Update button to save.

Volunteer Assessment

This document must be completed before a Volunteer Visit note can be done otherwise a user will get this error message on the top right of the screen when they try to create the note "You must create a Volunteer Assessment first". 

From the Patient Dashboard > Things you can do > Create New Documentation > Volunteer Assessment

The items selected in the Volunteer Assessment flow into the visit note. 

Volunteer Visit Note

The Volunteer Visit Note will have information from the Volunteer Assessment that was previously created. A visit note can be started from a visit on the calendar or from the Patient Dashboard > Things You Can Do > Create New Documentation.  

Volunteer Hours Report

Run this report to get a volunteer hours report go to Hospice > Reports

The total visit time will be reflected on the bottom right. The report can also be exported for further analysis.