The Create New Documentation option is accessed from the Patient Dashboard > Things you can do dropdown.

This is where you can create new orders, Coordination of Care notes, Bereavement Risk Assessment and a host of other document types.

For Visit Notes, you can start the note from the schedule visit on the Calendar

Full list of available documents:

  1. Bereavement Assessment Post Death
  2. Bereavement Risk Assessment
  3. Bereavement Risk Assessment Update
  4. Coordination of Care
  5. Discharge Summary
  6. Face to Face Visit
  7. Hospice Aide Assignment
  8. Hospice Aide Visit Note
  9. Hospice Criteria Review
  10. Infection Report
  11. Initial Nursing Assessment
  12. Inpatient Care and Coordination
  13. Medication Evaluation and Review
  14. Medication Refill
  15. Nursing Assessment Update
  16. Nursing Visit Note
  17. Palliative Care Quality Questionnaire
  18. Patient Incident Report
  19. Patient Notification Hospice Non Covered Items, Services and Drugs
  20. Physician Order
  21. Physician Visit Note
  22. Post Mortem Visit
  23. Psychosocial Assessment
  24. Respite Care and Coordination
  25. SOAP Visit Note
  26. Social Services Assessment Update
  27. Spiritual Assessment
  28. Spiritual Assessment Update
  29. Therapy Visit Note
  30. Volunteer Services
  31. Volunteer Visit Note
  32. Wound and Skin Assessment/Treatment